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Precision Diamond Grinding Wheel

Precision Diamond Grinding Wheel

Frequent dressing may waste your grinding wheel.

  • Loose grains allow abrasive grains on the matrix of the diamond wheel to process efficiently.
  • Requires minimal dressing.
  • Grinding load can be controlled by diamond patterning.
  • NanoTEM's diamond grinding wheel improves process efficiency and reduces production cost.

Achieves high-efficiency grinding on advanced electronic materials.
The development of unique diamond grinding wheel.

Diamond grain is harder than the bond matrix, so when a material is pressed against the wheel, the matrix wears faster making the diamond protrude approximately 10 micron (depending on the size of the diamond grain). This enables the diamond to constantly work on the material throughout the grinding process.

The size of the bond matrix and diamond grains can be chosen according to the type of material needed to be processed. This allows high penetrating force toward the workpiece, resulting to high removal rate.

Further, the wheel with a porosity of more than 40vol%, allows water and air to pass through itself towards the workpiece.

Drastically improves grinding efficiency on hard and brittle electronic component materials.
ex. light emitting diode, ceramic capacitor and SAW filters

Reduces processing steps individually done from rough, medium to fine finishing.

Improves work efficiency and reduces total cost!

NanoTEM Ceramic Sintering Technology

  • Controls sintering by adding sintering aids. Sintering can be complete by the eutectic reaction of primary and auxiliary materials.

NanoTEM Ceramic Diamond Wheel
Consists of diamond grain, pore and bond
※High removal rate
※Pores effectively removes chips and provides enough coolant

Conventional Diamond Wheel
Consists of diamond grain and bond
※Long blade life

Product Information

Types of Diamond Wheels

Cup Type Wheel for Backside Grinding (Thinning Process)
Outer diameter 180mm

Diamond Pellet Lapping Plate for Double Side Lapping Machine
Fixed Abrasive Lapping Platen
Efficiently laps hard and brittle materials
Fixed abrasive lapping platen, outer diameter 640mm, inner diameter 240mm

Fix Abrasive Lapping Platen
Honeycomb Type
Fixed abrasive lapping platen, outer diameter 445mm/inner diameter 180mm