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High precision porous ceramic vacuum chuck "aeroFIX".
Lifts, Holds and Carries

With improvements in miniaturization and high-precision technologies, and higher performance of solar cells, LEDs, semiconductors, LCDs, organic EL, PCBs, and a broad range of other products, there is growing need for vacuum chucks that deliver higher levels of precision and performance.

The aeroFIX developed by NanoTEM is a completely new type of vacuum chuck that utilizes our original ceramic sintering technology to resolve the issues facing conventional through-hole type vacuum chucks!

6 advantages of aeroFIX


Use as an antistatic material!

Resolves contamination issues for ultra-thin PCB and other workpieces!

  • No ionizer required
  • A solution to contamination issues

Because this product does not carry or discharge static electricity, the addition of an ionizer or other neutralizing equipment is not necessary. This makes it possible to dependably handle precision product workpieces.


Partial chucking is possible!

A single unit that can be used with a wide range of workpiece sizes!

  • Cost savings
  • Improved work efficiency
  • OK in wet environments

Can be used in wet and dry environments and with a wide range of workpiece sizes.
It is not necessary to maintain a lineup of shapes and sizes for different workpieces, producing cost savings and improved work efficiency.


Reduce the risk of workpiece contamination!

Achieve non-contact floating transport!

  • Improved work efficiency
  • A solution to contamination issues

The workpiece is lifted up by the floating unit and can be freely moved on the vacuum pads with the smallest of force.
This is the advanced NanoTEM technology that individually controls the air supply and vacuum suction to produce positive and negative pressure.


High-performance, high-precision, uniform suction force!

Perfect for films and other thin, delicate workpieces!

  • Cost savings
  • Improved work efficiency

This product solves the issues of deformation, sagging, strain, and edge warping that plague aluminum, stainless steel, and other conventional vacuum chucks.
The use of ultra-fine micron-order pores and our original evacuation system allows dependable handling of thin, delicate workpieces.


Space savings!

The suction rolls!

  • Improved work efficiency
  • Space savings

The suction rolls allow chucking and high-speed transport of film materials without leaving suction marks on them.
Because fastening at any part is possible, this product delivers space savings on plant production lines.


Just place it onto your current equipment!

Convenient & cost-saving!

  • Simple
  • Cost savings

Simply place the fixed top plate onto the vacuum chuck that you currently use to deliver high performance and function.
No fastening parts are required.

Watch the video below for an introduction to the aeroFIX features and specific examples of how it is used.

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What is aeroFIX?

aeroFIX is a next-generation vacuum chuck that was created from original NanoTEM technologies.

The original NanoTEM ceramic sintering method that controls the eutectic reaction of the primary agent and auxiliary agent produces uniform 2μm pores that were impossible with conventional technologies, producing 40% porosity that achieves both light weight and high strength. It can be used in a wet or dry environment, also in a high temperature environment up to 150℃.

Original technology that enables partial chucking

aeroFIX achieves "partial chucking" that can securely fasten precision parts and other workpieces which cover only a part of the suction surface.
This is made possible by the 2μm pores that are produced by an original NanoTEM material that contains alumina, and by our original sintering technology.
It is no longer to necessary to change the chuck for each different workpiece.

Chucking performance that protects the quality of precision workpieces

Because aeroFIX pore sizes are so small and uniform, it is possible to prevent workpiece deformation and also to prevent loss of suction force caused by clogging with dust.
Because complete sintering is performed during the manufacturing process, there is no dust produced from inside the product, preventing effects on the service environment and eliminating static electricity.

Photo taken with an electron microscope
Photo taken with an electron microscope
Comparison of characteristics
Comparison of characteristics

aeroFIX product lineup

We can produce sizes and shapes to meet a wide range of customer requests.

・Flat type
・Roller type
・G8 size also available
・Any shape is OK.

[Specifications] Black 2μm regular type
Color Black
Pore size (μm) 2
Flatness and parallelism (μm) Target 20, commit 30 (for a square 500 mm on a side)
Permeation flow (L/min) 2 or less (when vacuum is measured)
Density (g/cm3) 2.5 - 2.7
Surface resistance (Ω/sq) 106 - 109
Reflectivity (%) 5 - 6 (option: 3)
Hardness (HRH scale) 90
Porosity (%) 40
Bending strength (MPa) 50
Young's modulus (GPa) 50
Thermal conductivity (W/(m-K)) 1
Coefficient of thermal expansion(10-6/K) 7 - 8
Primary material Alumina

* For larger sizes, please consult with us.