High precision porous ceramic vacuum chuck "aeroFIX"
Lifts, Holds and Carries

With improvements in miniaturization and high-precision technologies, and higher performance of solar cells, LEDs, semiconductors, LCDs, organic EL, PCBs, and a broad range of other products, there is growing need for vacuum chucks that deliver higher levels of precision and performance.

The aeroFIX developed by NanoTEM is a completely new type of vacuum chuck that utilizes our original ceramic sintering technology to resolve the issues facing conventional through-hole type vacuum chucks!

Business Activities

  • Manufacture and sell vacuum chuck for semiconductor, flat panel display and printed circuit board industries.
  • Offer grinding, lapping, polishing, dicing service, and supply consumables for sapphire substrate used in blue and white LEDs.
  • Offer grinding, lapping, polishing and dicing service for hard and brittle materials such as ceramics.